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What Is The Best Time To Visit Columbus?


How To Get A Cheap Flight To Columbus?

Columbus is popular for the vibe that's young, hip, and innovative. It is Ohio's state capital and is home to one of the largest college campuses in the country, which makes it packed with energy and creativity year-round. You can expect to see sleek modern galleries and eccentric boutiques lining the streets, gleaming skyscrapers, and charming historic districts. You can explore the walkable neighborhoods, that are connected by parks, bikeways, and the scenic Scioto riverfront. You may spend some time wandering around to appreciate the city's acres of parks and gardens, historic buildings, and famous attractions like the Zoo. If you want to visit the city, you must have the details below to get cheap flight tickets.

Some Major Details About Columbus

About The airport:-

The major international airport is John Glenn Columbus International Airport. The airport code is CMH. It is located 6 miles east of downtown Columbus, Ohio and you can cover the distance in 7-10 minutes. The airport has one terminal with three concourses and a total of 34 gates. 

Tourist Attractions:-

  • Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
  • Easton Town Center
  • COSI Center of Science and Industry
  • North Market Farmer's Market
  • Scioto Mile
  • Shadowbox Live
  • Short North Arts District
  • Nationwide Arena
  • The Museum of Art
  • The statehouse and the theater

The Best Weather To Visit Columbus

The best weather for tourists is the summer when the temperatures vary between 21-29°C. The best months are usually April and May. You must avoid visiting during the monsoons that are during June and July as you will not be able to explore the city as it is raining frequently. 

Why Is It So Expensive To Fly To Columbus Ohio?

It is expensive to fly to Columbus Ohio as it comes down to supply and demand. The more travelers demand to visit the city, the more expensive a destination may become. But you can use various tricks and tips to get cheap tickets. The details are listed below.

Tips And Tricks To Get Cheap Tickets-

  • Pick the cheapest day to book the flight:- You must book the flight on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get excellent discounts and deals. On these days, most airlines want to promote ticket sales. Thus, the price is reduced significantly. 
  • Be ready to change the date, time, route, or origin:- On certain routes, times, dates, and origin, the tickets are less expensive. You must be flexible to make changes to get the best deals and discounts if required. 
  • Select budget airlines:- You can select low-cost airlines to get cheap flights to Columbus as these airlines' main motive is to serve the passengers by providing highly affordable fares. 
  • Follow the airlines on social media sites or speak with customer service:- You need to follow the airlines on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get updates on the latest deals and discounts offered by the airline as most airlines use it for marketing and advertising to attract more customers. You can take advantage of this and get highly discounted tickets by using coupons and other offers. You can even call the customer service team and speak with a representative to get to know about such deals offered by the airline as the airline experts are well aware of such offers.
  • Make the reservations early:- You need to book the flight in advance to get exceptional deals on the tickets. Generally, all the airlines increase the ticket price as the departure date is closer. It must be booked well in advance which is up to 3-5 weeks before the departure date to get cheap tickets. 
  • Travel with flights with multiple stops:- Most travelers are looking for direct flights to save time. But if you are not too worried about time, it is good to take a flight with stops. Flights with multiple stops to a destination are usually less expensive and you can select such flights rather than booking direct flights. 
  • Search frequently in the incognito mode and compare the prices:- You can get cheap tickets by using the incognito mode when searching for tickets. The browsers at times increase the price if a search is frequently made. You must monitor the price for a few days, then you must make a comparison, and then book the tickets to get amazing deals.

Do Airlines Have Columbus Day Sales?

Yes, many airlines offer a certain number of tickets on sale on Columbus Day and you can grab the opportunity to get the cheapest tickets easily and travel with friends and family.

Are Flights Cheaper On Columbus Day?

Yes, flights might be cheaper on Columbus Day, but the discounted tickets provided by most airlines are limited in number. Due to the festive occasion, the price may even increase significantly if you miss out on getting the cheap tickets.

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