How do I change my flights?

We have negotiated many different types of agreements with different airlines; thus, the rules and restrictions for exchanges and cancellations vary greatly if allowed at all. When allowed, airlines require that we collect a fee for the exchange plus any difference in fare when necessary. Exchange fees start at $125 USD and go as high as $350 USD. Your exchange agent can tell you when you call.

We must insist, however, that you do not book an itinerary for the exchange. Please keep in mind that all exchanges must be on itineraries provided by the same airline that issued the original ticket. In some cases, the airline may restrict or deny exchanges requested with as few as seven days before departure.

Once you are prepared to give our exchange agent the new itinerary, please call us at +1(800)404-0025. We are open 24/7. To expedite this process, please have your old ticket and/or file number with you as well as the new itinerary you wish to book.

What is an “E” ticket?

E-tickets, are offered by many major airlines, and allow you to travel without a paper ticket, eliminating the worry of leaving your tickets behind. Ebooktrip.com offers e-tickets when they are available.

Bring government issued photo identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) to the airport. E-ticketed passengers must have a printed boarding pass in order to proceed directly through security for check in at the gate. Customers with check-in baggage or E-tickets who do not have printed boarding passes must go to the ticket counter prior to going through security checkpoints.

Why are the fares different from other sites?

Airlines practice the marketing concept known as "yield management," where they sell as many seats as they can at the highest price they can get. It is impossible to pinpoint the cost of any single seat on any given flight. For example, some seats will be assigned special fares for corporate clients, while other seats will have been sold through a consolidator at a discount. Similarly, some fares may have been bought at a discount with frequent-flier award points or from a last minute Web special. At our site, you will always be quoted the lowest fare available to us at that time.

How do I cancel this reservation?

Most airline tickets issued are non-refundable, and non-transferable. Name changes are not permitted. However, you may be able to exchange your tickets for different dates. Penalty fees apply and not all tickets are changeable. Please call our exchange department for details. +1(800)404-0025

Why do I need a paper ticket?

Many airlines still require a paper ticket to be issued. It is dependent on many factors, including the destinations, airlines and if you have selected multiple airlines. Many international destinations require paper tickets. We will send you an email advising you if your tickets have been issued as paper.

Can I change the name on my ticket?

All reservations must be made in the EXACT name of the person traveling - no nicknames. For international travel the name on the reservation must be EXACTLY as it appears on the traveller's passport

Is my online purchase guaranteed?

All requests submitted, even if availability displays are provided, are requests only. Any requests that cannot be confirmed will receive notification by email. When you make your reservation request, if an electronic ticket cannot be issued, a paper ticket will be issued and shipped via UPS. The only time a paper ticket will be issued is if an electronic ticket is not available.

How do I book an infant ticket?

Our sales department will be able to assist you with booking infant travel.

Our sales department will be able to assist you with booking infant travel.

Infants are children under age 2. Each traveller age 12+ may accompany up to two infants in their own seats or one infant in the traveller's lap.
Lap - Travellers (must be age 12+) in your party will hold the infant(s) throughout the flight. Please note that while infants in laps usually ride for free on domestic flights, a fee is charged on most international flights.
Seated - A separate seats for the infant. You will be required to supply an infant car seat to ensure the infant's safety. The car seat must meet airline specifications. Seats reserved for infants may be billed at special infant fares. Please check with the carrier for more information.

Where can I find more information about traveling abroad?

The U.S. State Department Website offers excellent advice and resources to those traveling outside of the U.S.

Where do I confirm my reservation?

All flights should be confirmed with the airline directly. We recommend that you do so at least 24 hours prior to departure for domestic flights (72 hours for flights to Hawaii and international destinations).

How do I confirm my seat assignments?

You'll need to call the airline directly on certain flights, the airline will allow us to request seats on your behalf (but these are only requests, and need to be verified with the airline.

Types of trips
  1. Roundtrip means you will fly from one location to another, and then back to the first location.
  2. One way means you will fly from one location to another, and will not return to the first location.
  3. Multiple destinations means you will visit several locations and therefore need to choose flights between each of those locations.
Types of travellers
  1. You will need to supply the number of travellers in each age category. You can include up to six travellers per trip
  2. Seniors are travellers ages 65 and older. Fares may not be discounted on all flights.
  3. Adults are travellers ages 18 through 64.
  4. Children are travellers ages 2 through 12. Although most airlines charge full fares to children older than 11.
  5. Infants are children under age 2.
  6. Infant ticket options: Contact our sales team to book flights traveling with infants.
Unaccompanied minors

Many airlines welcome unaccompanied minors on their flights, you should call the airline to discuss its policies and services.

Here are some general guidelines about unaccompanied minors:

  1. Please be sure to check with your airline for specific policies and fees.
  2. Minors who are old enough (approximately ages 5-17*) can usually fly on nonstop, direct, or connecting flights, but usually are not accepted on the last connecting flight of the day. The age depends on the airline's policies, so please check with the airline.
  3. Many airlines provide (or require) supervision service for minors from the time of boarding until the time the minor is met at the final destination. This is called unaccompanied minor service. Minors must be approved by the airline for this service.
  4. Younger children (under the age of 5) are often not eligible for unaccompanied minor service and must be accompanied on the same flight and in the same compartment by an older passenger (typically 15 years or older).
  5. Unaccompanied minor service is often mandatory for children ages 5-14*, but optional for teenagers (ages 15-17). Age requirements depend on which airline they fly.
  6. A fee is usually charged at check-in for unaccompanied minor service. Expect to pay $30 USD or more each way.
  7. With unaccompanied minor service, the airline will usually want to know who is meeting the minor at the destination. Proof of identification for the receiving adult is often required. Forgetting this required identification can cause unpleasant delays so make sure you know the airline's expectations.
  8. Reservations usually need to be confirmed for all segments of the minor's flight. Standby reservations are not allowed on any leg of the trip.
  9. Again, please call the airline prior to purchasing tickets and inquire about unaccompanied minors.
  10. *Ebooktrip.com does not allow internet bookings for unaccompanied minors under age 15.
Choosing a ticket class

In addition to Coach/Economy class seating, many flights offer Business, and/or First Class seating. Please note that the following descriptions are generalizations; some airlines may use different names to describe their classes of service.

  1. Coach/Economy class is seating is in the main cabin area. These seats are usually the least expensive.
  2. Business class seating--when available--tends to feature roomier seats that recline farther, more leg room, and upgraded meal service. Business class tickets cost more than Coach/Economy but less than First Class.
  3. First class seating is usually in the cabin area nearest the front of the aircraft. It has the fewest and most comfortable seats, and offers upgraded meals. Other perks can include shorter lines at check-in and use of the airline's airport business lounge. First Class fares are almost always the most expensive, and are not available on all aircraft.
Flight options
  1. Nonstop flights only- Check this box if you want to see fares only for flights that do not stop or change planes at one or more airports before you reach your final destination.
  2. No plane change flights- These flights may have up to 2 landings and departures not disclosed upon booking. No change of planes
  3. Connecting flights- Flights may have one or more landings and departures. Passengers will have to disembark the plane and re-board another flight.

You offered a flight and by the time I went to pay for it I received a "Sold Out" message, why?

The availability and/or price of the flight you selected has changed. While we provide the most up to date technology for our users to search available flights, ultimately the airlines reserve the right to modify their flights at anytime and no fare is guaranteed until ticketed.

Why do I keep receiving an error message that says my credit card information does not match the information in my credit card records?

Your billing address must match exactly with what is listed on your bank records. Please contact your bank and verify the information they have is current. Then try to book your flight again. If you are still unable to book your flight, please call our sales team at  +1(800)404-0025 24 hours a day.

How do I select my seats?

You may select your seat assignments directly online. From the home page click on "check my booking".  Enter your email address or name to locate your flight schedule. Once the flight page is open, select "request seat" directly under each flight number.  If pre-assigned seating is available a seat map will appear.

If you are unable to assign seats yourself, please call our customer service department at  +1(800)404-0025. Some airlines are now charging for seat assignments and many airlines restrict pre-assigned seats. You may call the airlines at the numbers listed .
Bulk Head and Emergency Exit row Seating are controlled by the airlines and cannot be pre-assigned.  These seats may be blocked by the airline and held for check-in at the airport on day of departure.

How do I request special meals?

If this feature is available for your flight, you may select your meal during the purchasing process.

If not, once you have an existing reservation, you may call our customer service department at  +1(800)404-0025  or call the airlines directly.

Please note, special requests are not guaranteed.

Please call the airline to confirm your request. To get your airline phone number check the online directory .

Are there discounts for Infant/Child fares?

Infants are children under age 2. Infants in laps usually ride for free on domestic flights, a fee is charged on most international flights.

Child fares are for children between the ages of 2-11. If we have a Child Fare available for your trip we will display the discounted rate.

The ages of Child/Infants are based on their age at the time of travel, not when booking.

Why did the fare increase when I tried to book my flight?

The availability and/or price of the flight you selected has changed. While we provide the most up to date technology for our users to search available flights, ultimately the Airlines reserve the right to modify their flights at anytime and no fare is guaranteed until ticketed.

Can I make a reservation over the phone?

If there is anything that is not covered within these FAQs our professional consultants are always here to help you. 

If you need to speak with a travel consultant call us 24 hours a day seven days a week at  +1(800)404-0025.

Can I make a reservation into one city and return from another?

Yes. Just click on the Multi cities button and fill in your flight information from there.

Are taxes included in the airfares listed?

The search results page will list the base fare amount for each flight option.

Taxes and fees can be displayed on the search results page by clicking the taxes link located under the base fare. 

The total cost, including an exact break down of taxes and fees will also be displayed if you select Book to complete the purchase process.

Can I hold a reservation?

Airline regulations prohibit holding reservations. Our discounted low fares require immediate purchase.

Is there a limit of how many passengers can be booked in one reservation?

You can book up to 9 passengers in one reservation. If you have more than 9 travellers, the airlines considers this a group and special arrangements must be made. 

For groups of 10 or more you can fill out the form on our Group Travel page and someone will contact you. You may also call one of our sales agents for a quote at  +1(800)404-0025.

What are the Service / Booking Fees for Flights in the Contact Center?

Service fees for contact center bookings may be higher than those charged for bookings made online. These service fees can range from $20 USD to $200 USD per passenger.

Booking an Air Ticket

How do I book airline tickets?

Simply enter the desired departure and arrival information in the form. Our booking engine performs a comprehensive search of the fares in our database and displays all flight options, beginning with the lowest-priced flight. For a more comprehensive search, use the Advanced Search options to find nearby alternate airports or to select preferred airlines. When your options are displayed, choose a flight that matches your needs and click the "Select Flight" button. The booking engine will display all of the details regarding your chosen flight. You need only complete a short information form to complete your booking. 

Can I book a ticket for tomorrow?

Our booking engine allows you to book 24 hours prior to departure for domestic flights. International flights require a 3 day advance purchase. Many international airlines require paper tickets to be issued which require a 5 day advance.

Tips and Questions after Booking is Complete

How can I change an existing reservation?

Fees for changes vary by airline and not all tickets can be changed. If the airline does allow changes you will have to agree to all the fees and follow very specific fare rules. The airline charges a change fee per ticket, plus any difference in fare (depending on the flights you choose) and airline penalty fees begin at $100 USD per ticket. and go up. up Additional rules may apply:

• Travellers name cannot be changed 
• Same airline must be used. 
• Original reservation must be cancelled at least the day before the original departure date 
• Other restrictions may apply such as routing, dates available etc. 

Exchanges must be made by phone at  +1(800)404-0025 24 hours a day seven days a week.

What is the fee for changing my airline ticket?

When changing your ticket, a number of penalties may apply, including the following: 
• Additional penalties imposed by the airline 
• Additional charge resulting from a higher fare rate 
• A Ebooktrip.com service fee of $35 USD will apply for making the changes on your behalf

The Airline has changed my flights.

FTtipinsky.com makes attempts to notify you of flight changes via email.  We are not always advised of these changes. It is best if you reconfirm your itinerary directly with the airline 72 hours prior to departure.

If an airline has changed your flight schedule without your request, you will not be charged any fees or penalties for that change.

Once you have accepted a schedule change from the airline (either by speaking with a representative of the airline or with one of our agents), any future changes, requested by you, will require payment of any applicable penalties and/or fees.

My confirmation page has the wrong dates for my trip, how can I change it?

Call our toll free number  +1(800)404-0025  immediately if you realize that your itinerary is booked for the wrong dates. Penalty fees may apply.

My confirmation email says that the airline does not guarantee the booking, what does that mean?

The email confirmation with a pending status means that the booking is still not confirmed with the airline. One of our experienced customer care agents is working on your booking and will be emailing you the confirmed itinerary within 24 hours.

If I purchased a ticket some time ago, is there any way to get a receipt for the booking?

Please log on to Ebooktrip.com and Click on "Existing Booking" located on the top left part of the page, fill out the required details as per the "My Trip Details" form, your ticket information will be displayed.

How do I access my reservation online?

Please log on to Ebooktrip.com home page and click on "Check My Booking" located on the top left part of the page, fill out the required details as per the "My Trip Details" form and your ticket information will be displayed.

I have unused or partially used non-refundable airline tickets, do they have any value?

Typically, partially used tickets do not have any value, but you should contact the airline directly to check as each airline has a different policy.

If your tickets are unused because the traveller did not show up on time to catch the flights, the unused tickets have no value.

If a flight has been cancelled before departure, please contact the issuing airline and re-book your new flight, following the airline’s rules and restrictions.

Can I add another passenger to my existing reservation?

A new passenger can only be added by making a new booking. Please have the flight details of the original booking ready while making the new booking so that you can select the correct flights. Please note that fares can change everyday, we cannot guarantee the availability of the original prices of booking on the same flight.

I did not receive my email confirmation for my booking.

Please be sure to check your "spam" or "junk" folder as our email may have been filtered as unrecognized.

If your confirmation email is not there, from the home page of Ebooktrip.com click the "Check My Booking" link. Enter the email address you used to make the reservation or your first and last name, booking reference number and flight departure date (hotel check-in date, car pick-up date).

Once the requested details are entered, the last three bookings that you created will be displayed. Booking Receipt and Confirmation can be displayed for any of the bookings by clicking "Details". You will have the option to email the itinerary to yourself by clicking "Email this Page" found under "Page Tools".

If there are no bookings found for your search, please verify the details you entered or call us at  +1(800)404-0025 for assistance.

Please add support@Ebooktrip.com to your allowed sender list/address book so you can receive our emails.

Ticket and Flight information

What are the baggage restrictions for my flights?

Several US airlines have changed their baggage allowance for both carry on and check in luggage. Some airlines are now charging fees for the second bag as well as carry on luggage.

Please call the airlines directly for the most up to date policies. The links below are general guidelines and are subject to change. 

What are the restrictions for traveling with a pet?

If you are traveling with your pet, please contact the airline directly for detailed information.
Here are some general guidelines:

• Traveling with a pet, other than a guide dog, requires special handling by the airline. 
• Pets in the Cabin are limited by size and the number allowed on each flight. 
• Another alternative, your pet may travel in the baggage compartment on your flight.  However, each airline has certain restrictions, depending on the anticipated temperature in the baggage compartment. (Some carriers have a blackout period for carrying animals in cargo during the summer and winter.) 
• Cages and other shipping containers must meet the minimum standard for size, ventilation, strength, sanitation and design for safe handling.  (Sky kennels furnished by the airlines meet these requirements.) 
• Fees apply to transport the pet in the cabin and cargo areas.  
• Health certificates are required by all shippers of pets Check with your Veterinary for details 

Many airlines restrict certain breeds, such as pug-nosed dogs (pugs, Pekingese, boxers) and cats (Persians) that might find it especially difficult to breathe at high altitudes.  Be sure to ask the airline.

Do you offer Military discounts?

Ebooktrip.com offers unbeatable deals in military travel. Most airlines offer discounted airfares for active duty personnel or Military-ID cardholders. You can always choose these tickets and get a great deal. Please call us at  +1(800)404-0025  and speak to one of our experienced customer service agents to book your military travel.

Do you offer any Senior Citizen discounts?

Adults over the age of 65 are considered Senior Citizens. You can add the number of senior travellers when adding your search details. Any available senior fares will display along with standard fares.

What documents do I need to go through airport security?

For domestic flights, you will need your Boarding Pass, any government or state issued photo ID such as a driver license or passport along with a copy of your itinerary/trip details.

Please note that a valid passport is required for all air travel outside of the United States. In addition to a passport, many countries require a visa for entry. Please  here to obtain the most current entry requirements for your upcoming trip or apply for a visa or a passport. 

Do I have to reconfirm my flight?

Yes. International flights should be reconfirmed 72 hours in advance and Domestic flights 24 hours in advance, by calling the Airline directly.

It is important to check for any schedule changes in your itinerary as well ask confirming where to check in for your flight as some airlines will partner with another airline for certain flights.

Airlines reserve the right to cancel bookings if reservations are not reconfirmed, regardless if tickets have been issued or not.

For a one-way ticket, do I need a visa to travel internationally?

Ebooktrip.com is not responsible for tickets purchased without prior entry requirements, please contact the specific consulate(s) for specific entry requirements not covered under this section

Why did my flight schedule change?

Most airlines allow unaccompanied minors to travel on their flights. Please contact the airline prior to purchasing your ticket to verify all rules and restrictions regarding unaccompanied minor travel.

Occasionally the airlines make changes to their flight schedules to accommodate changes in equipment, routing, or capacity.

Some of these changes are minor and may involve a change of aircraft, flight number, or a slight change in departure and/or arrival time. Sometimes the changes are more severe and result in a change to the departure city, arrival city, date of travel or even discontinued service to your destination city.

Ebooktrip.com will make every effort to notify you if your reservation is impacted by an airline schedule change. Since schedule changes can occur at any time, Ebooktrip.com  strongly encourages passengers to verify departure times and flight numbers directly with the airlines 24 to 72 hours prior to departure. Click here for a list of airline phone numbers - 
If a major schedule change has occurred and the new flight(s) are unacceptable, please call (800) 566-2345. Ebooktrip.com will contact the airline on your behalf and discuss with you your available options. Please understand all options given are at the discretion of the airline.

If I have flight reservations and the airline changes my itinerary, will Ebooktrip.com notify me?

Airlines will sometimes make changes to their flight schedules. Ebooktrip.com will attempt to notify you via e-mail prior to the originally scheduled departure time if your itinerary change is substantial.

Schedule changes that do not have a major impact on your itinerary will not be followed up with an e-mail. Such minor changes include, but are not limited to:

• Flight Number Changes
• Flight Departure time changes less than 11 minutes earlier
• Flight Departure time changes less than 20 minutes later

If an airline makes a substantial change to your itinerary regarding flight departure and/or arrival time or service changes, such as no longer providing service to your destination, a Customer Service representative will make every effort to contact you by phone. Once we have assisted you to process any changes needed, your updated itinerary will be sent via e-mail and can also be viewed in .

Ebooktrip.com will continue to monitor your reservations throughout your journey and make every effort to alert you to any further airline changes.

Frequent Flier Miles

Will I earn Frequent Flier miles for purchases on the site?

You may be eligible for Frequent Flier miles directly from your airline; however, eligibility is contingent upon the airline's rules. Frequent flier miles may not be available for some deeply discounted fares. In order to verify eligibility, present your account information at the check-in counter prior to the departure of your flight.

Billing & Payments

When can I expect my refund?

When a reservation is cancelled the same day it was booked, funds for the Airline portion are not collected. Any pending charges you may have seen would have been a "pending hold" for verification. These funds will return to your available credit and will not reflect as a refund.  This process normally takes from 3-7 business days, depending on your banking institutions procedures.

Please note: Some Prepaid credit card companies will hold pending authorizations for up to 30 days.

If the airline rules allow for cancellation the day after booking, funds for the Airline portion will be refunded within 7 - 14 business days. It will depend upon the Airline(s) and your banking institutions policies. At times the refund will post before the charge is processed or may not appear on your current statement. Please contact your bank to verify the refund was received. 

Any refunds requested after 48-hours of purchase are based solely upon the Airline(s) rules. If approved, the refund will generally take 1 - 2 billing statement cycles. In some exceptional cases refunds may take longer than originally anticipated. An email update will be sent to you advising of any delay. 

I received an email advising of a refund I did not request.

These refunds are typically for seat assignment requests that could not be fulfilled by the Airline or during a quality check if we detected an overcharge. This refund does not affect your airline ticket purchase. 

I have multiple charges on my account

This occurs when multiple Airlines or passengers are booked in a reservation. You will see a charge for each ticket processed separately. Any service fees, taxes or additional services may also show as separate charges with the description of Airline/Taxes and Fees. When added together these amounts should total the amount you were quoted.

I have duplicate charges for the same trip on my account.

Verify with your bank what company the charges are coming from that have posted. Most tickets issued through Ebooktrip.com will have the description of NV, VA or Las Vegas, VIRGINIA on your statement. If you are certain there are posted duplicate charges from Ebooktrip.com, please contact the Billing Department for assistance at  +1(800)404-0025.

I've been charged more than what was quoted.

Confirm with your bank whether the charges in question have posted or are pending to your account. At the time of reservation a "pending charge" is placed on your account for the full amount. The bank/credit card company then puts a "hold" on that dollar amount, until the transaction either posts or is cleared. With a successful transaction, the charge will typically post to the account within 2-3 business days, at that time the money will be deducted from your account, and the "hold" will be released. At times the “pending hold” can show on your account after the charge has posted. Please allow time for the "pending hold" to return to your available credit. This is dependent on your banking institutions policies. 

Please note: Your initial quote may not include seat charges, insurance or any additional services requested. These services are charged at the time they are selected and will increase the total cost of your trip. Posted charges may appear in multiple transactions which should total to the amount you were quoted.

I do not recognize the charges on my bank statement.

Charge descriptions can vary depending on the type of reservation you have booked

  • Any service fees/taxes or additional services may also show as separate charges with the description of: 
  • Airline/Taxes and Fees
  • Agent Fee
  • Ebooktrip.com

I want to confirm my reservation.

Please click on the "Check My Booking" link on the top of the page or  to view your booking status and details. Once you are on the "Check My Booking" page, enter the email address used while creating your booking and the last name of the passenger.
Once the above details are entered, you will be able to view the last three bookings created by you. Please select the booking you need to view by clicking on "Details". This will display the "Booking Receipt and Confirmation" page for the selected booking. You may choose to email the itinerary to yourself by clicking on the "Email Itinerary" link on the top of the page. 
In case you do not find any results for your search, please verify the information entered or contact Customer Service at  +1(800)404-0025  for assistance. 

Please re-confirm your reservation at least 48-72 hours prior to departure with the Airlines directly. 

Credit Card Transaction and Currency Conversion Fees

Unless otherwise specified, all prices are displayed in U.S. dollars and all charges made are in U.S. dollars. If you are using a non-U.S. credit card, you should check with your bank for details on currency conversion charges. Your non U.S. credit card may charge you a fee for processing purchases made in U.S. dollars. 

Who should I contact if I need special assistance?

We strongly recommend you contact the involved airports and airline directly and request special assistance when you fly, as needed. To ensure such special assistance is available to you, you need to book your flight and request such services from your operating carrier at least 48 hours in advance of your departure. If you have trouble contacting the airport or airlines to request such services, please call us at +1(800)404-0025, and we will endeavor to notify the airport and the airlines of your request for special assistance. It is really important that you give the airlines and the airports the right and complete information about your needs so they can ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Will I need someone to travel with me?

In order to meet safety requirements, the airlines may deny your reservation or require you to travel with a companion for your own safety and that of other passengers. That person would be responsible for assisting you in the event of an emergency if you are unable to help yourself.

Generally, the people who are likely to need a companion are those who:

  • have a severe learning or cognitive disability which prevents them from understanding or reacting to safety instructions; or
  • are both blind and deaf so they are unable to understand and react to safety instructions; or
  • have a disability that prevents them from moving without assistance to reach an emergency exit.

To decide whether you are self-reliant or need to travel with a companion, think about whether you can manage the following activities without help. Can you:

  • fasten and unfasten your seat belt?
  • take out and put on your lifejacket?
  • leave your seat and get yourself to an emergency exit (this does not need to be by walking)?
  • put on an oxygen mask?
  • feed yourself?
  • lift yourself from a passenger seat to an on-board wheelchair?
  • use the toilet facilities unaided?
  • administer your own medicine?
  • breath without being reliant on supplementary oxygen?

If you do need someone to travel with you, that person must be over 18 years old and physically capable of helping you in an emergency. Such person can travel with a maximum of 2 passengers requiring additional special assistance.
If in doubt, please make sure that you contact the airline and ask if you would be required to have a carer travelling with you.

Special Assistance

Information for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility

If you have a disability of any kind or your mobility is reduced, for example because of age or temporary injury, airlines may offer a range of free services to help you at the airport and on board of the flights within the United States. We have put together this document to provide answers to questions you may have about your journey, which will help you book with confidence. We strongly encourage you to read the policy of you operating carrier regarding customers with disabilities.

Wheelchair Users and Mobility Aids

It is your responsibility to provide sufficient information about your wheelchair/mobility aid and batteries prior to travel. Airlines policies on carrying wheelchairs and mobility aids can be found on their websites or by calling the airline directly or by contacting us. In addition, under the Air Carrier Access Act and Department of Transportation rules that implement it, domestic and international airlines must provide boarding, deplaning and connecting assistance, including both personal and equipment, to passengers with disabilities who have requested it.


Stretchers are not carried on-board with few Airlines flights. For other airlines, please contact the airline directly.


For safety reasons customers are not permitted to carry their own oxygen for use on-board. Please contact the airline directly for more information.


Customers carrying syringes and/or needles must carry a doctor's note or a repeat prescription as confirmation of medical requirement. Please read the following important advice about travelling with medication.

We recommend that you carry enough medical supplies to cover use in-flight, plus sufficient for 2-3 days use upon arrival. The remainder should be packed in the hold, (the temperature of which is maintained between 4 and 5 degrees Celsius).

  • Have a letter from your GP confirming the name and type of medication being carried, with prescribed doses. The letter should state what the medication is for and any other medical items required. For example, syringes or EpiPens, that might otherwise be questioned by local security or customs.
  • The medication should be in its original packaging, clearly pharmaceutically labelled identifying it as prescribed and belonging to you.
  • It is advisable to obtain a repeat prescription from your GP and take this with you when you travel abroad so that medication can be replaced in event of loss, damage or having insufficient supplies.
  • Please be aware that some medication may contain ingredients that are considered illegal in other countries. You are advised to check with the Embassy of the country you are going to.

Needles and syringes

The carriage of needles and syringes is permitted onboard for the treatment or control of medical conditions. However, you must also carry supporting documentation in the form of either:

  • A letter from your GP confirming the type of medication and what it is for. Or,
  • If you do not have a GP's letter, the medication must have a printed pharmaceutical label identifying it as prescribed and belonging to you. A "sharps" box to dispose of needles safely and hygienically is available onboard - please ask the crew.

Keeping medication cold

The onboard fridge cannot be used to keep medication cold, (for example, insulin used for diabetes). However, you may bring a cool bag with you.

Liquid medication in hand luggage

The amount of liquid medication you are permitted to take in your hand luggage is subject to current security advice. Please visit http://www.dot.gov for the latest information

Hearing impaired

If you are hearing impaired and require assistance, please contact us or the airline directly (see the "Who should I contact" section above). If required, an escort can be provided to and from the aircraft. Airlines offer separate briefing or subtitled in flight safety video about safety procedures for deaf and hard of hearing customers on-board. If you are hearing impaired, please contact us so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Visually impaired

If you are blind or visually impaired and are unable to travel without assistance you may need to travel with a care provider who must purchase a seat. The assistance that airlines offer visually impaired passengers may include an escort to and from the aircraft, individual safety briefings, and assistance during the flight. Please contact the airline or call us for specific details.

Expectant mothers

Each airline has its own policy with regard to expectant mother. Please check with each airline’s policy to ensure boarding is possible. Expectant mothers should be generally accepted without a medical certificate up to the end of the 27th week of pregnancy. Between 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy a medical certificate may be required. This must confirm the expected date of delivery and confirm fitness to fly (doctors letter must have been written no earlier than 6 weeks before the outbound date of travel).

Expectant mothers may not be accepted under any circumstance after 34th week of pregnancy on international flights and within 30 days of their delivery date on domestic US flights.

In the case of a multiple pregnancy the pregnancy should generally not be beyond the 32nd week at the time of the return inbound flight.

Please contact the airline for its specific policy.

Cruise lines will not accept passengers who have entered their 24th week* of pregnancy or beyond. All pregnant women are required to provide a letter to state both mother and baby are in good health and fit to travel.


Some airlines' policies dictate that passengers who have had a recent miscarriage may fly provided that they have had no bleeding or pain for at least 24 hours prior to the date of travel. A letter should be obtained from the passenger's doctor confirming this.

Broken limbs

Any plaster cast must have been set in place for over 48 hours for legs and 24 hours for arms. In the case of a full leg plaster, where the leg cannot be bent, two (2) additional seats must be purchased.


Dependent on the person's level of mobility, assistance seating (that is, a seat with a moveable aisle armrest) may be used or alternatively a fixed armrest seat will be used if this is sufficient. The airline will endeavor to ensure that any accompanying person is seated next to the person requiring assistance.

Seat width

We realize that some larger customers, due to their size, often find that aircraft seat width is insufficient for their needs. For your own safety and comfort and that of other customers, you must advise your travel agent at the time of booking if you know or are unsure as to whether the seat size on the aircraft will be sufficient for your needs. If you do require additional space, then subject to availability, you may be able to purchase more than one seat located side by side or if you prefer a wider seat in an upgraded class (where applicable). We regret however, that due to additional costs incurred by your tour operator, you will have to pay the full cost of all seats required by you, plus any upgrade supplement per seat. For more information on seat width for individual airlines please contact us or the airlines.
If you have purchased an extra seat due to your size, please contact us or the airline directly to ensure the airline is aware.

Overseas Accommodation and Overseas Transport Arrangements

The majority of overseas accommodation, overseas transport (including transfers) and other holiday services provided overseas are not equipped to cater to the needs of many disabled holidaymakers. Furthermore the natural terrain and the layout of some resorts can sometimes make life difficult for wheelchair users.

It is therefore important, if you have any disability, that the appropriate enquiries are made about the suitability of particular accommodation, resorts, transport and services and that you are fully satisfied you have made the correct choice before you book and confirm your holiday. If in doubt, please contact us. Please note: if special arrangements need to be made for you, the airline or vendor may charge an additional fee over and above the price of your ticket. These fees are assessed by the airline, hotel, car Rental Company or airport and Ebooktrip.com has no control over the amount of or the charging of these additional service fees. Such fees may be charged prior to departure or upon your arrival at the airport, hotel, etc. depending on the respective vendor's policies.

Secured Flight Passenger Data FAQ's

What is Secure Flight?

Secure Flight is a program of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that streamlines the security watch list matching process. By collecting passenger data, it will improve the travel experience for all airline passengers.

What Passenger data is required?

When passengers travel, they will be required to provide the following Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) when making a reservation: 

• Full Name as it appears on government-issued I.D that you will be traveling with.
• Date of Birth
• Gender
• Redress Number (if available)

What is the objective of Secure Flight Program?

  • Identify known and suspected terrorists
    • Prevent individuals on the No Fly List from boarding an aircraft
    • Subject individuals on the Selectee List to enhanced screening to determine if they are permitted to board an aircraft
    • Facilitate passenger air travel
    • Protect individuals' privacy

How does it help?

It is to the passenger's advantage to provide the required data elements as doing so may prevent delays or inconveniences at the airport which may differentiate you from individuals on the government watch list. 

What is a Redress Number?

It is to the passenger's advantage to provide the required data elements as doing so may prevent delays or inconveniences at the airport which may differentiate you from individuals on the government watch list. 

If the name printed on my boarding pass is different than what appears on my government ID, will I still be able to fly?

The name you provide when booking your travel is used to perform the watch list matching before a boarding pass is ever issued. You should ensure that the name provided when booking your travel matches the government ID that you will use when traveling.

Due to difference in boarding pass systems, boarding passes may not always display the exact name you provided when booking your travel. Differences such as the use of a middle initial instead of a full middle name or no middle name/initial at all, hyphens or apostrophes) should not cause a problem for the passenger. 

General Questions

Once I’ve begun my trip, who should I contact for help?

Once your journey has commenced, it is advisable to get in touch with the Airline or service provider in the city/country where you are situated.

What is a Consolidator?

Consolidators are wholesalers of airline tickets to retail travel agencies. These tickets are generally available through retail travel agencies only.

We bring consolidator airfares directly to the consumer. Consolidators have an agreement with airlines to purchase certain seats in advance in big volumes, thereby bringing savings to the traveller. 

Most Consolidator tickets offer frequent flyer miles. Restrictions are similar to an advance purchase ticket.

Consolidator Fares are generally 20-50% discounted than published fares, they may have similar or more restrictions. Cancellations and changes are usually more restrictive, so if you are set on your dates do not worry about the conditions. You may want to purchase Travel Insurance.

How do I get a passport? Where can I get details about passports?

On June 1, 2009, the U.S. government implemented the full requirements of the land and sea phase of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). The proposed rules require all travellers, including U.S. citizens, entering the United States at air, sea or land ports of entry to have a passport, passport card, or other travel document approved by the Department of Homeland Security. Visit the Department of State’s website for full details on the WHTI at travel.state.gov For travel tips on crossing the border, visit the Customs and Border Patrol’s vacation planning page at www.cbp.gov. You may also visit the Department of Homeland Security’s.