Check-in Baggage Policy for airlines | Baggage Allowance

There are lots of airlines and they all have a different policy for baggage and it varies by distances such as domestic and international flights. Some airlines also offer free checked bags but with limited weight. If you cross the limit of baggage then it will charge you extra for extra weight. With this baggage policy also depends on the class you are travelling such as normal weight is 32 kg and travelling by business class can carry extra weight without any extra cost. Each passenger has allowed carrying one bag and one bag personal for carrying items such as a laptop, handbag, bag, or briefcase.

Tips for Carrying Baggage in Airline

Outer garments and the assistive device are not counted in the personal item so it carried in another bag. The bag you are carrying with you should be of a limited size so that it could get fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. In some flights travelling to a particular destination does not allow to carry luggage with themselves due to some security reasons. The fee for extra weight and size depends on the airlines you have chosen.

The policy of carrying bag has also differed when travellers are a member of airlines like a premium club or flying return members are permitted to carry some extra baggage with the converse of normal passengers. It means while packing your bags you should know about the policy as it will save your money.

All Airlines Baggage Policy specifications (Standard Rules)

It is well known that all airlines have a different Baggage Policy for luggage you carry with themselves. It merely depends on the destination you are travelling and in the case; you take extra baggage than you have to pay an extra amount for it. So we have mentioned some airlines names and their policy of baggage.

Airlines Name Baggage Policy (Cost- free limits)
Adria Airways Weight: 18 lb/ 8 kg Size: 47”/ 118 cm
United Airlines Weight 50 lb/ 23 kg Size 45”/ 115 cm
Southwest Airlines Weight 50 lb/ 23 kg Size 62”/ 158 cm
Air Malta Weight 22 lb/ 10 kg Size 45.1”/ 115 cm
Alaska Airlines Weight NA Size 51”/ 129 cm
Delta Airlines Weight 50 lb / 23 kg Size 45”/ 114 cm

If you Carry Extra Baggage in Aeroplane

In case you carry extra weight than in this situation you have to pay an extra charge for it as you can’t take some things out of it and left at the airport. With baggage weight and size what is carrying is also played an important role like carrying sharp things such as a knife, blade, razor, and oils are not allowed.

With this, if passengers are carrying liquor, gold and silver materials and other expensive things are carried under some limitations and if carrying extra then they have to show receipts of buying the materials. Many times the baggage policy gets changed so before travelling you should check the update news of airlines you are going to opt.

Baggage Policy: Limitation According to Weight and Size

  1. When you are travelling to the domestic destination carrying handbag should be of 7 kg and with a dimension of 55cm *35cm,* 25cm and another luggage is of 15 kg.
  2. If you are travelling to a foreign country then baggage weights get little higher as luggage weight up to 20 to 30 kg as depends on the country you are travelling with a dimension of 158 cm (62 inches) but the weight of handbag remains the same.
  3. If you cross these limits then you have to pay an extra fee for it.

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